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Gainesville Peer Respite provides sanctuary and support to those who are experiencing or have experienced overwhelming mental /emotional distress.  

We seek to create a community that supports open dialogue, empowerment, self-determination, recovery and wellness.  Our staff members have lived experiences similar to those we serve. Together we hope to create an environment that helps people transform experiences of distress into opportunities for learning and life enhancement.

“ It’s a diamond in the rough  sorely needed around here. “

-Anonymous Peer

  • Feeling Alone…

    September 9, 2019 by

    The loneliness I felt was the isolation I created in my mind. My mind was alone, so my body followed. — DJ Being alone sucks. Realizing that you are alone is worse. Once you realized you are alone, your mind plays tricks on you and leads you to believe that you have no one. This… Read more

  • Down the Rabbit Hole

    September 23, 2019 by

    What does rabbit hole mean? Used especially in the phrase going down the rabbit hole or falling down the rabbit hole, a rabbit hole is a metaphor for something that transports someone into a wonderfully (or troublingly) surreal state or situation. Going down the rabbit hole is going through a wonderfully or troubling situation that is mixed with fact and fantasy. It is… Read more

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